Terms and Conditions

Following are then terms and conditions that must be followed precisely to use video development services offered by the video explainer.com. Our terms and conditions are agreed upon and collided by the mutual consent and agreement of our partners, clients and workers. All the content, quotations, brief are an agreement and will continue to prevail our own terms and conditions.

You must agree before entering this agreement that you are not relying on any understanding, representation whether written or oral that is not referred or included in our given terms and conditions.

  •  The videos created and presented to you will be strictly in accordance to the agreed brief taken from the client whether oral or written and not anything else.
  • One master copy of the production and the video will be made only for your usage
  • We offer a maximum of five revisions, but if any extra revisions are required on top of them, extra fees will be charged.
  • For the issue of a complete video redesign additional and separate quotations will be implied.
  • The services will be delivered within the time that has been agreed upon in the agreement and not before.
  • Errors that arise in a video or voiceover from the fact of you providing us with wrong information and content are not our responsibility.
  • We follow a very fair copyright and privacy policy. All the information you provide us and we provide you is strictly between us.
  • Payment must be paid in full and not installments.
  •  All the video animations, video clips and voice over’s that you get from us should be strictly used for your business and as agreed upon use and nothing else.  It should be licensed and should only be used for the purpose as identified in the agreement.

All the above mentioned terms are the policies of our company and website and are designed to protect our company’s and your image. If any customer withdraws from either of the terms he/she will not be allowed to have any deals with our company in the future. All customers are welcome to discuss any matter regarding the business and our deal with us.

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